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Surveying and Inspections Services

We are specialists in Marine / Non - Marine Industries, Insurance, P&I, Consultancy, Loss Adjusting, Surveys, Inspections, Evaluation, Legal Advisory, Risk Assessment, Claims Handling, Damages, Fire Investigations, Audits, Classification, Flag Registry, Vessels Classification, Flag Surveys, Standardization, Certification, Procurement, Agency, Representation,etc.

Some of our Special and Survey Services Are :

-  All types of Marine and Non-Marine Surveys,Tests,Services, Brokerage, Agency. 

-  All types of Vessels, Cargoes, Goods,Foodstuff, Machineries,Industrial, Insurance, P& I, Damages, Claims, Properties, Materials, Etc Surveys / Inspections, Audits, Certification, Standardization. We are able for CEC Certificate for DGFT India, Cars and Spare Parts Surveys, Agricultural and Foodstuff Surveys, Import / Export Surveys and issuing COI, VOC, NC, Etc Certificates for Standards, Banks.

-  Evaluation, Per-purchase, Per-entry, Per-finance approval, Banks, Condition Surveys, Risk Assessment and Estimation, Warranty, Towage, Bollard Pull, Single Voyage, Load Test, Cranes, Surveys.

-  P and I matters, Insurance, Claims Handling, Damage Surveys, Fire Investigations, Legal Advisory, Consultancy  and Related Subjects.

-  Arranging Insurance Covers, Hull & Machinery, P&I, Marine Pollution Liability, Cargo, Industrial, Fire, etc Covers by our Local & International Representations with  reliable & competitive rates and very high standard services through internationally recognized Insurance companies and underwriters which we are regional brokers for them,I.E WQIS, And Other Worldwide Insurers and Underwriters.

-  Vessel Inspection and Audit Surveys.

-  Per-purchase Condition Survey.

-  Per-entry Insurance Surveys for H&M & P&I Clients.

-  Per-finance Inspections and Risk Envelop Surveys.

-  Full Marine Casualty, Fire, Catastrophes, Surveys for H&M and P&I Interests.

-  Full 3rd Party Casualty Surveys for P&I Interests.

-  Collision Damage and Allied Perils Survey.

-  Grounding , Oil Pollution, Fire, Catastrophes Perils and Loss Surveys / Investigations.

-  Liquids,Oil Products, Minerals, Etc Cargoes Surveys of  Quantity, Quality and Specification.

-  Warranty and Towage Surveys for Special Risk.

-  Flag State Inspections for Safety Aspects including Investigation. We are Flag State Surveyor to some flags. 


-  Inspector and approved by Classification Associations Worldwide.

-  Court Appointed Experts for Investigation / Arbitration.

-  On/Off Hire Surveys for Owners/Charterers.

-  Bunker Surveys and Quality Control Evaluation.

-  ISM & ISPS ,DOC Codes Development Service / Audit / Consultancy / Training.

-  Tonnage & Free Board Calculations, Stability Booklets, Drawings and Designs.

-  UT Gauging, NDT / Non Destructive Tests, DT / Destructive Tests , Load Tests, Bollard Pull Tests and other Technical Measurements, Superintendency, Dry Docking, Shipbuilding, Ship Repairs , Supervision, Planning, 3D Laser Scanning Services, Etc.

-  Risk Evaluation, Estimation, Assessment, Audits of Land and Marine Facilities for Underwriters.


Our Managing Director and Senior Surveyor Is Mr. Masoud Zakian. He is a internationally recognized surveyor, Member of Association Of Official Experts (IAOE) and Fellowship of Claims and Litigation Management (The CLM) Alliance - USA. He worked as Manager and Surveyor with many recognized internationally companies, started his carrier on 1985. He is a Certified Official Expert (IAOE) / Surveyor Ship Classification Inspector / Flag State Inspector / Loss Adjuster / Auditor. He served many governmental and private companies during his service and one of his latest positions was Branch Manager and Senior Surveyor of Bureau Veritas as one of most recognized inspection, verification and classification associations globally. He is an IAOE legal Surveyor & Advisor for Justice claims, Insurance, fire, damages, marine, etc as a certified, recognized Inspector/ Surveyor / Expert (IAOE). He is a Marine Engineer, QMS, ISO, ISPS, ISM, Energy Efficiency, ILO MLC 2006, BWMC Auditor and Lead Auditor. He is Flag State Inspector to some Flag States and approved by Several NON-IACS Classification Associations Worldwide. He is Approved Flag Deputy Registrar and Flag Safety Inspector to Some of Maritime Flag Administrations Like Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMARAD) and Palau International Ship Registry (PISR). 

-  We provide services worldwide and globally.

-  We are based in Dubai - United Arab Emirates , Have Worldwide Offices / Agents / Surveyors , With great access to UAE, GCC, Middle East , Iran, Africa, Europe, America, Oceania, Asia and other world's Countries, As we are Situated in one of the most recognized Business hubs of the World. We are active in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Khor Fakkan, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain / Qaywain, Fujairah / Fujeirah, Al Ain, Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz, Sistan and Baluchistan, Ilam, Khorasan, Mashhad, Daregaz / Dargaz, Sarakhs, Bazargan, Khoozestan , Lotfabad, Hurmozgan, Chahbahar, Bandar Abbas , Bandar Bushehr, Assaluyeh Port , Bandar Imamam (BIK) , Khorramashahr,Abadan, Ahvaz, Bandar Lengeh, Qeshm Island , Kish Island, Kharg Island, Sirri Island, Lavan Island, Bandar Anzali ( Enzeli ), Rasht, Neka, Noshahr, Amir Abad Port, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Yemen, South Korea, Japan, China, Panama, Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Luxembourg, The Netherlands,  Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, UK / United Kingdom, St. Vincent & The Grenadines , Belize , South Africa , Tunisia, Singapore , Malaysia , Egypt ,  Sudan , Ghana, Namibia, Croatia, Lithuania , USA, Canada, Morocco, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Cyprus, Honduras, Bolivia, Vietnam, Kenya, Kazakhstan,Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mauritius, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Senegal, Libya , Philippines  and some other Ports / Towns Worldwide. We Think and Work Globally.


- We are Able to assist loyal and trustworthy clients in all stages of their requested services by our experienced managers and staffs without delays. Quality services are our main goal. We prefer to work with loyal and trustworthy clients only.

- We are Approved by Non-IACS Classifications as Non-IACS Classification Inspector for flags like; Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Kiribati, Moldova, Tuvalu Island, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Belize, Comoros, Bolivia, Togo, Honduras, Cooks Island, Dominica, Lebanon, Syria, Nigeria, Madagascar, Jordan, Libya, Panama, Georgia, Equatorial Guinea, Cape Verde, Ecuador, Tanzania, Sudan, Barbados, Vanuatu, Bulgaria, etc in the Middle East / North Africa for Hull & Machinery, Gears, Statutory, Safety, Radio, ISM, ISPS, ILO, DOC Certifications, Audits, and also can do ASI (Annual Safety Inspections), GSI (Global Safety Inspections), Nautical Safety, COC / CDC, Crew Endorsements, Seaman Books, Offshore Companies Formation, Etc, directly or via partners.

- Hope To establish real and honest businesses with our old and new clients,based on our years of trust  and acceptable worldwide services.


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