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Zakian Surveying & Appraisal Services L.L.C (Zakian Surveyors & Loss Adjusters L.L.C (ZSLA Worldwide) Till 23.01.2024)

Worldwide / Global / International Surveyors, Inspectors, Loss Adjusters, Claims Handlers, Investigators, Marine / Shipping / Maritime Surveyors, Cargo Surveyors / Experts, Maritime Flag State Inspectors and Ship Deputy Registrars, Vessels Classification Surveyors / Inspectors, ISO / Quality & Standardization Certification Issuing Body, Insurance and P&I Surveyors / Inspectors / Correspondents / Claims Agents.  

1- Surveys, Inspections, Loss Adjusting, Claims Handling / Handlers, Claims Consultants, Adjusting, Loss Control, Condition Surveys, Evaluation, Estimation, Appraisal, Confirmations, Verification of Conformity ( VOC ) , Document of Compliance ( DOC ) , Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Physical Study,  Technical Auditing, Audit and Assurance Services, Pre-Purchase Surveys,  Quality and Quantity Assessment, Quality and Quantity Surveys / Inspections, Insurance Pre-Entry Surveys, Pre-Finance Surveys, Letter of Credit / LC Surveys, Banks Surveys, Mortgage  / Loan and Finance Surveys / Inspections / Evaluations, Home / House / Villa / Building / Tower / Property / Land / Factory / Facility / Equipment / Plant / Systems Surveys / Inspections and Evaluations / Valuation and Measuring , Insurance Surveys, P&I Cases / Correspondences and Surveys, Imports and Exports Surveys, Fruits and Vegetable Surveys, Frozen Goods Inspections, Foodstuff Surveys, Grains Surveys, Carrier’s Liability Investigations / Inspections, CMR / Carnet TIR / Bill of Lading (BL) / Airway Bill (AWB) Inspections and Investigations, Rail and Road Cargo Inspections and surveys, Air Cargo Surveys / Inspections / Investigations, Aerospace / Airplane / Train / Truck / Trailer / Reefer Carriers Inspections,  Freight Liability Surveys, Project Cargo / Oversized / Heavy Cargoes Transportation Surveys, Heavy Lift and Warranty Surveys, Investigation of Theft / Fraud / Burglary / Shortage , Warehouse Surveys, Bollard Pull Certification , Towage Approval Certification, Properties Surveys /  Evaluation (Valuation) / Measuring , Mortgage Surveys and Evaluation, Damage / Shortage / Fire / Accident / Incident Surveys, Physical Studies, Offshore Surveys, Warranty  Surveys, Cargo Surveys,  Cargo Holds / Tanks / Containers / Packages Sealing and Seal Certification, Off Hire and On Hire Surveys ( Off / On Hire Surveys) , Holds and Tanks Cleanliness and Condition Surveys, Compliance Surveys, Cargo Pre-Loading Surveys, Loading / Handling / Stowage Surveys and Advices, Bulk Oil Liquid Services / Surveys and Certification, Marine Cargo and Technical Services and Surveys, Bunker Surveys, Oil, Petroleum and Gas Products Surveys, Quality and Quantity Verification, Ullage Surveys, Draft / Draught Surveys, ROB / R.O.B Surveys, Petroleum / Oil / By-Products Surveys, Edible Oil and fats Surveys, Bunker Surveys, Intermodal Tanks / Containers Surveys and Certification, Vessels Seaworthiness Surveys / Evaluations / Certification, Collision / Casualties / Near Miss and Catastrophes Inspections and Investigations, Marine Surveys, Cargo Surveys, Super Cargo Surveys, Lift and Escalator Inspection and Surveys, Heavy Lift and Project Cargo  / Marine Warranty (MWS) Surveys, Towing Approvals Surveys and Certification, Pre-Shipment Surveys, Out-Turn / Outturn  Surveys, Stevedoring and Terminal Surveys, Lifting Equipment / Cranes / Tower Cranes / Forklifts / Reach Stackers / Top Lifts / Crawler / Etc Inspections and Certifications, Elevators Inspection and Certification, Machinery and Factories Inspections  / Certification and Approvals , Road / Transport and Heavy Equipment Surveys / Tests / Verification / Inspection and Certification, Container CSC Safety Approval and Plate (Container Safety Convention) , Container ACEP (Approved Continues Examination Program) and Container PES (Periodic Examination Scheme) Inspection / Certification and Approval, All Types of Containers CSC Certification / Testing and Approval for Worldwide and Local Transportations Like; 20 Feet Dry Container (DC) / 40 Feet Dry Container (DC) / 40 Feet High Cube (HC) / 20 Feet Open Top (OT) / 40 Feet Open Top (OT) / 20 Feet Flat Rack (FR) / 40 Feet Flat Rack (FR) / 20 Feet Reefer (RF) / 40 Feet Reefer (RF) / 40 Feet High Cube Reefer / 40 Feet Collapsible Flat Rack / 40 Feet Platform (Plats) / 20 Feet Tanktainer (Tank Container) / Cascades / Open Side Containers / All Other ISO Containers / Special Containers, Super Size / Over Size / Heavy Weight / Uneven Shaped Cargos surveys and Inspections, Oil / Gas / Petroleum / Offshore / Surveys / Inspections / Verification and Certification, Third Party Surveys and Investigations, Personal Injury and Accidents Inspections and Investigations, Medical Insurance Investigations, Death and Fatality Investigations,  Evidence Investigation, Investigation about Documents and Evidences Originality, Chartered / Official Expert Marine and Diving Legal Surveys , Quality Control - Checking Product Conformity to Contractual Specifications, Rejecting out of Specification Product, Full supervision of Loading Ensuring Product is Stowed and Fastened Correctly on Board vessel or into Container,  Supervision of Stevedoring Operations / Stowage, Loading and Unloading of Containers Inspections, Full Supervision of Discharge Ensuring Product is Handled Correctly and Preventing Rough Handling, Inspection of Manufacture Defects, Loss prevention, Damaged Cargo Investigation, Water Ingress Investigation, Silver Nitrate Testing ( to Check Whether Water Penetration / Moisture  is Saline or Fresh), Fire Surveys and Investigations, Representative Sampling, Weighbridge Control, Checking Transporter / Carrier Reliability  to Carry Product / Good , Witnessing of Packing and Banding to Ensure Appropriate Packaging, Grading , Tallying , Cross Referencing Product Discharged / Load Against Packing List / Bill of Lading / Invoice / LC, Marking Verification, Bagging Supervision, Random Bag Weight Verification, Size and Dimension Verification, Moisture contents Determination, Temperature Testing, Calibration Tests , Container Inspection / Surveys, Container Sealing and Certification of Seals , Fruits / Vegetables / Grains / Animal Products / Meat / Chicken / Poultry / Pork / Cow / Sheep / Beef / Fish and Frozen / Dairy Products / and All Other Food stuff Inspections, Frozen Foods Inspections, Hold Cleanliness Inspection, Ultrasonic Testing (UT) , Hatch Hose Testing, Hold Condition Survey, Tank Calibration, Warehouse Control, Stock Audits, Stock Management, Independent Auditing., Certification, Cargo Expedition, Ship to Ship Transfer, Terminal Inspections, Tank Farms Surveys, Collateral Management, Tank Cleanliness Surveys and Certification,  Tanks Capacity Calculation and Measurements, Dry Tanks Certification , Wall Wash Test, Tank and Meter Calibration, Terminal Inventory, Cargo Blending Surveys and Advises, Loss Prevention Surveys and Investigations, Warehouse Inspections and Risk Assessments , Project Cargo Risk Assessment , Cargo Securing Recommendations For Sea Transport, Heavy Lift Surveys, Loading and Unloading Surveys, Lashing / Securing / Dunnages Inspections and Verification, Packing Assessment , Material Inspections, Raw Material Surveys,  Mines Inspections, Loss Management of Major and industrial Claims, Surveys of Household Goods and Personal Effects, Management of Salvages and Residues After Damages and Reconditioning Procedures, Salvage Sales Management, Pipeline transfers, Loss prevention Advice, Marine Engineering Component Failure Analyzing and Testing, Electrical / Gas / Petroleum / Fire / Explosion Claims Handling, Mechanical / Diesel / Petrol / Propulsion Evaluation and Damage Investigations , Hydraulic Component Failure and Tail Shaft Inspections, Wharf Structures Damage Surveys, Marine Safety Compliance and Commercial Vessels Risk Management, Cranes / Top Lifts/ Transtainers / Reach Stackers Inspections, Grounding Investigations, Failure of Watertight Hatches Surveys and Testing, Capsizing and Listing Investigations, Navigational and Near Miss Investigations, Life Saving Appliances Failure Inspections, Maritime Safety Regulatory Investigations and Statutory Compliance, Collision and Total Loss Investigations, Fatality / Injuries Investigations, Fire and Explosion Investigations and Evaluations, Port Safety Compliance Inspections and Audits, Pipeline maintenance including regular inspection of valves and manifolds, Barges and Tugs Inspections, Tank loading/discharge survey, Independent stock audits, Analysis, Certification, Photographic evidence, P&I Surveyor, Inspection of vessel’s Holds, Supervision Loading and discharging operation, Cargo damage survey, Hydrographic / Hydrography , 3D Laser Scanning , 3D Measurement Services, Ground Surveying Services , GIS Mapping , Oil Fields, Land Surveying and Aerial Mapping , Demarcation, Geophysical Survey, Underground Utility Survey, Geometrical Surveyor, Underwater Surveys, Diving Surveys, Shipyards and Drydocks Surveys, Chartered Engineering Certificate (CEC) of DGFT India, Pre-Shipment Inspections , Lashing and Security, Sealing and Unsealing Certification , Safety Equipment Inspections, Ships / Vessels / Yachts / Boats / Wooden Dhows / Luxury Passenger Vessels / Yachts / Ferries / Tankers / Panamax / Aframax / Suezmax / ULCC / VLCC / Sailing / Cargo / Bulkers / General Cargo / Tankers / LPG / LNG / Barges / Tugs / River Vessels / Supply Vessels / Rigs / Jack up Barges / Pleasure Crafts  / Etc Vessels and Crafts Surveys , Surveyors & Loss Adjusters, Vessel Inspection, Surveying & Evaluation Services, Vessel Classification Services, Quality & Standardization Certificates Issuing Services, Surveying & Evaluation Services, Surveyors & Loss Adjusters, Vessel Classification Services, Vessel Inspection, Naval Architects, Out-Turn Surveys, Port Captains, Project Managers, Quantitative/Qualitative Analysis, Rail/Road Shipment Surveys, Structural Engineers, Structural Inspection / Design, Tie-Down Design, Tie-Down Surveys, Transportation Risk Management, Trip-in-Tow Surveys, Vetting Surveys , Air Cargo Inspections, Ballast Calculations, Barge/Ship Condition Surveys, Bunker Verification Surveys, Claims Adjusters, Container Surveys, Damage Assessment Surveys, Dead Weight Surveys, Expert Opinions/Court Depositions, Grain Stability Calculations, Heavy Lifts / Project Cargo Surveys, Hold / Hatch Surveys, Seal Inspection, Loss Control, Marine Engineers, Marine Warranty Surveys , Condition based Surveys for P&I Clubs according to their respective formats, Surveys for Hull & Machinery (H&M) insurers for all vessel types and claims handling / reporting, Technical Appraisals, Risk Assessment Surveys, Claim adjustments and evaluation (quantify loss), Loss Prevention Study, Bunker Quality and Quantity Survey, Bunker Claim Adjustments, Bunker Accident Investigation, Oil Spill Investigation, Cargo insurance, marine property and goods, Shore based cargo handling, Condition receipt vehicles, Cargo transshipment, Preloading / discharge cargo, Surveys in respect to ship repairers , Liability cover, Ports and Terminals Survey, Hauler’s Liability Covers, Marinas Surveys, Prompt, accurate and professional valuations, Commercial Property, Warehouses, Offices, Serviced apartments, Labour accommodation, Retail, Plots of land, Airports, Hotels, Schools, Residential Property, Villas, Apartments, Towers, Development sites, Machinery & Business Assets, Aviation, Construction, Dairy, Food production, Medical, Metal fabrication, Oil and gas, Printing, Telecommunications, Transportation, Vehicles, Ullage Surveys – Petroleum products and edible oils, Cargo Superintendents. , Container Inspection (Off Hire, On Hire and Condition) , Draft Survey on Bulk cargo shipments, Break – bulk shipments – Tally and Cargo condition survey, Bulk cargo shipments – Continuous discharge / Loading supervision and weighing  monitoring, All Agro commodities sampling, weighing  supervision, quality analyzing and stuffing supervision, On- hire / off- hire condition survey on vessels, Bunker survey, Damage surveys on floating objects, Cargo damage surveys – LCL / FCL stuffing and de-stuffing, Granite stuffing , Reefer cargo survey, CFS PNR Gate In / Gate out Inspection, Full CFS activates LCL / FCL Import and Export LCL / FCL, Project cargo / super cargo / jumbo cargo / heavy cargo / uneven cargo loading and securing planning, ODC Inspection in containers, Silver Inspection in Import containers, Agricultural services, Automobile Inspection ,Container Inspection , Minerals Inspection,  Petroleum Products , Agricultural Inspection , Scrap Inspection , Engineering /Industrial Inspection,  Insurance Consulting & Freight Consulting , Warehouse – Logistics Surveys,  Testing Services, Sampling , Equipment Inspection, Environmental Protection Evaluation and Estimation, Consumer Products Inspection , Sampling Metals & Minerals , Industrial Surveys and Assessments ,  Governmental Surveys, Petroleum & Petrochemical Inspections and Certification Services , Food and Feed Animal welfare Testing Services , Food and Feed Testing , Foodstuff Testing , Fertilizers Testing , Cotton Seeds Testing, Chemicals / Metals / Minerals / Industrial Products Inspection and Testing , Loading Supervision, Transshipment and Unloading of Various Cargo, Draught Survey, Tank Container, On/Off Hire and Condition Survey, Lost and Damage Survey, Hatch and Tank Cleanliness Survey, Hull & Machinery Survey, P & I Survey, Pre-purchase and or Purchase Survey, Pre-shipment Inspection, Container Inspection, Cotton Controller, Cargo Measuring,  Cargo Weighing, Consumer Products Inspection, Sampling & Analysis,  Lab / Laboratory Testing, Consumer Goods, Factory Pre-Qualification Audits, Various type of in-process Verification and Inspections, Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI), Container Condition Checking and Stuffing, Complaint/Claim/Damage Surveys, Code of Conduct Audits, SA8000, Ethical Audits, Factory Evaluation , Physical and Chemical Testing of textiles and Leather products and relevant trims, CE Mark and Product Certifications , Bunker Survey Before And After Supply , On Hire Bunker Survey , Off Hire Bunker Survey , On Hire Condition Survey , Off Hire Condition Survey , Ullage Survey , Hold Inspection , Tank Inspection , General Condition ( Pre-Purchase And P&I Condition Survey ) , Damage Survey / Cargo Survey , Loading And Discharging Supervision , Sample Survey , Sealing / Unsealing Survey , Tallying Survey , Container Inspection And, Supervision Of Stuffing , Hold Capacity Evaluation , Cargo Gear & Crane Inspection, Offshore valuation surveys, Towage inspections & operations, Project Cargo Warranty Surveys, Warehouse Risk Surveys, P&I Club surveys, On/off hire barge surveys, General & refrigerated cargo & container damage inspections, Pre-discharge hatch surveys of steel cargoes, Bunker surveys and assistance with cargo/chemical contamination investigations, Marine Insurance, Project Cargo Risk Management, Loss Prevention, Marine Consultancy, Reefer Cargo, Container Lashing & Securing, Safe & Unsafe berth cargo lashings and securing as well as reefer transportation in containers, Risk management & loss prevention surveys mainly on project cargoes on behalf cargo interest or freight forwarder, General condition survey and hatch inspection for vessel & barges, General Average Surveys, Warehouse Inspection and Vetting, Reefer and general cargo surveys, Investigations and anti-theft surveys, Pre-discharge / loading hatch surveys of steel and general cargoes, Salvage  operation (Task of a Salvage Master) and monitor cargo discharge, Pre-purchase valuation surveys for barges & vessel , Towage inspections and operations, Cargo Surveys , Bagged cargoes, Rice - Wheat flour, Sugar - Shea nuts, Coffee – Fertilizer, Cocoa – Cement, Bulk cargo (fertilizer, wheat, minerals, etc.), Frozen foods, Hydrocarbons, Steel, Log, Vehicles, Containers, Quality & quantity control, Tally & survey of loading / discharge, Hull & machinery, Heavy lift, Securing & lashing, Marine Legal, Marine Insurance, Non-life Insurance, Shipping Management, Marine Claims, Insurance Claims, Hull and Machinery (H&M) insurance, Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Insurance, Cargo Insurance, Marine Legal matters, Ship registration, ship safety, ISM, Safety Management, Claims Management, Surveys of marine and cargo related damage of all kind (transport by road, ocean, air or rail), Freight liability surveys, Loss prevention surveys and investigations, Surveys of damage to stored goods, Warehouse inspections including assessment of risks, Assistance in project cargo operations and cargo securing inspections for sea transport including heavy lifts, Loading and unloading inspections, Assessment of packaging techniques and materials, Loss management for major and industrial claims, Assessment of consequential damage after transport / financial loss, Surveys of household goods / personal effects including evaluation of the current values before and after the damage event, Organizing of salvage operations and reconditioning procedures, Sales of damaged goods on the salvage market worldwide, Ship inspections including hatch and hold surveys, Hull surveys, e.g. of pleasure crafts, inland vessels or yachts, Consultancy services / risk management, Recommendations of loss-minimizing measures, Assistance in project cargo operations and cargo securing inspections for sea transport including heavy lifts, Loading and unloading inspections, Assessment of seaworthy packaging techniques and materials, Organizing of salvage operations and reconditioning procedures, Ship inspections including hatch and hold surveys, Hull surveys, e.g. of pleasure crafts, inland vessels or yachts, Recommendations of loss minimizing measures, Marine risk management , and all related Marine and Non Marine , Rail, Road, Land, Air,  Industrial , Material, Goods, Cargoes, Surveys /  Inspections / Investigation / Claims Handling / Loss Estimation and all related surveys Types.

We are Worldwide Surveyors Active in Many Countries Like; India / Indonesia / Kuwait / Saudi Arabia / Iraq / Turkey / Turkmenistan / Kazakhstan / Ukraine / Middle East / Africa / Arabic Countries / Europe / Asia / America / Russia / Oceanic / Australia / New Zealand / CIS / etc.


2- Claims Settling , Marine and Non-Marine Claims Services, Loss Adjusting, Loss Assessment, Loss Prevention, Loss Advisory, Risk Management, Recovery, No Cure No Pay Cases, Casualty Surveys and Investigations, General Average / Salvage, Insurance Inquiries, Charter Party Disputes, Sale Contract Disputes, Arbitration / Litigation Assistance, Maritime Fraud Investigations, Survey / Technical Advice, Debt Recovery, Bill of Lading (BL) / CMR / Carnet TIR  and Charter Party Disputes and Investigations, Advisory and Assistance, Disputes and Cases Studies / Advises, Arbitrators Assistance, Advocates Assistance, Lawyers Assistance, Advisors / Advisers , Technical Consultancy, Problems Solving,  Plans Review , Adjusting and Related Matters.


3- Cambodia, Barbados, Sierra Leone, Kiribati, Moldova, Tuvalu Island, Comoros, St.Vincent & the Grenadines, Belize,  Togo, Bolivia, Cooks Island, Dominica, Lebanon, Syria, Mongolia, Nigeria, Honduras, Madagascar, Jordan, Libya, Georgia, Malta, Equatorial Guinea, Cape Verde, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Tanzania, Sudan, Barbados, Vanuatu, Niue, Panama,Several Other Maritime Flags and Maritime Administrations, Flags of Convenience, Etc Vessels / Ships/ Tankers / Cargo Vessels / Passenger Vessels/ Ferries / Boats / Yachts Flag Registry and Non-IACS Classification directly or via our partners.


4- Hull and Machinery (H&M), Vessels / Ships Classification Services, Vessels / Ships / Boats / Yachts Inspections, Class, Statutory, Gears, Safety, ISM, ISPS, ISO, DOC,  SMC, Surveys / Inspections, ASI, GFI,  AFSI, SW, Flag State Inspections, Classification and Certifications on behalf of Some Flag Authorities and NON-IACS Classification and Certification Associations / Vessels Classification Services. We are Approved / Certified / Legal Flag State Inspectors to the Some Maritime Flag Administrations for Annual Flag State Inspections, Crew Accommodation Inspections, ILO MLC 2006 Inspections and related inspections required by Marine Flag Administrations. , Issuing Hull and Machinery / Statutory / ITC / CSSCC / CSSEC / CSSRC / ISM / ISPS / SMS / DOC / MLC / Etc Certificates.

We are Flag State Inspectors to Some Flag States.

We are Approved Agents to Bulgarian Register of Shipping (B.R.S / BRS) – Varna – Bulgaria.

We are Representative / Deputy Registration Officer to Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMARAD).

We are Deputy Registrar (DR) to Palau International Ship Registry (PISR).

We are approved Surveyors / Inspectors to Some Non-IACS Classification Associations.

Some of our activities in this section are as below:

Class Certificates Hull and Machinery

Plan Revision and Approval

Statutory Inspections

SOLAS and Load Line

MARPOL: Annex I, II, IV, V and VI

ISM Code


ILO MLC 2006

Non Conventional Vessels Certification

Other Certification Services

ISM / ISO 9000: 2008 Consultancy

SSA / SSP Preparation for ISPS Code

Preparation of ISM / ISO Manuals

Support During the Implementation of Quality and Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Familiarization with ISO / ISM Codes

ISM / ISO Internal Audits

Designated Person Ashore (DPA)

Designated Person for PCSOPEP

Tonnage, Freeboard, Stability and all other Calculations

Training Courses for SOLAS, MARPOL, Load Line, ISM, ISPS, ILO MLC 2006 and other Courses


5- Consultancy and Legal advisory, Claims Handling, Claims Advisory, Feasibility Studies and Related Matters.


6- ISO / ISM, Etc Certification Consultation , Quality Audits and Certification , Standardization and Certification Services, Quality & Standardization Certificates Issuing Services, Quality Assurance Certification and Consultants, Safety Consultant, Quality & Standardization Certificates / Certification Issuing Services, Trainers and Instructors. Other related matters of ISM / ISPS/ ISO / Energy Efficiency / Ship Energy Audits (SEA)/ Strategic Energy Review (SER) / Ship Performance Analysis (SPA) / Contract Energy Management (CEM) / SEEMP and ISO 5001 / Customized (bespoke) Energy Project (CEP) / Emission Services / Industrial energy Services / Clean and Energy Efficient Technologies (CEETech) Services Asset Management Services / Renewable Energy Services (Solar Heating / Solar Photovoltaic / Wind Turbines) / SMC / Quality Control / SOLAS/ Class H&M / ILO MLC2006 , Online Training and Certification, Seafarers Training and Certification, Crew Endorsements, Seaman Book / (Continues Discharge Certificate (CDC) / Certificate of Competency (COC) issuance and Registration Via Worldwide Recognized Flags for Eligible Crew. We are capable for audits and certifications as like as; ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS), ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System (EMS), OHSAS ISO 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System, ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), Halal Audits and Certification, and any other related ISO Audit and Certification with high quality services.


7- Testing, NDT, Calibration Services, Ultrasonic Tests, DT, 3D Laser Scanning, Inclining Tests, Lifting Tests, Cranes Tests, Vessels Drawing, Vessels Designing, Calculations, Tonnage Calculations, Freeboard Calculations,  Bollard Pull (BP) Testing and Calculations, Trim and Stability Booklets and Weight Calculations , Loading Manuals, Designing, Planning, ETC


8- Superintendency, Technical Assistance, Estimations, Dry Docking, Repairs, Shipbuilding, Supervisory, Naval Architecting / Architecture , Advisory, Ship Managements, Preparation of all ISM / SMC / DOC / ILO / IEEC / SEEMP / Etc Booklets and Manuals and Related Matters.


9- Insurance, Hull & Machinery / Cargo Policies and P&I cover arrangements worldwide. We are broker for Marine Pollution Insurance Policies. Broker to WQIS (Water Quality Insurance Syndicate) as the largest underwriter of Pollution Liability Insurance in United States and Bunker Pollution Blue card.  


10- Agent, Surveyor, Claims Agent of some Insurers / Insurance Companies, P and I Clubs, Loss Adjusters ,Classification Societies / Associations, Maritime Flag States , Factories, etc from worldwide .


11- We are Correspondent, Surveyors, Inspectors, Claims Handlers, Claims Settling Agents, Average Agents to P&I Clubs, Insurance Companies, Claims Handling Companies, Risk Management Companies, Other Global Surveying and Inspection Companies for Cargo Damages (Insurance Policies), Hull and Machinery (H&M) Damages (Insurance Policies) as like as below; 

British Steamship Protection & Indemnity Association (Bermuda) Limited (BSM P&I Club)

Hanseatic Underwriters (P&I Club)

Türk P ve I Sigorta A.Ş (Turk P&I Club)

The Anglo & Eastern Ship Owners P&I Club

While cooperate with other P&I Clubs as like as; The American Club / Eagle Ocean Marine

We are Claims Agent to CHUBB (ACE) Insurance Group

We are Average Agent to Verein Hanseatischer Transportversicherer e.V. (VHT e.V. Hamburg and Bremen - Germany)

We are Member to TMN Survey Group - Worldwide Surveys

We are Network Surveyor to Save Insurance Brokers (Hamburg – Germany)

12- Direct and main dealer / distributor of different Pumps, Valves and some other Industrial, Marine and Non Marine Pumps and Valves.


13- Direct and main dealer /distributor of Fuel, Lube Oil, Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Oil , etc Normal and Nano Oil Additives for heavy duty engines, generators, power plants, turbines, etc.


14- Direct and exclusive dealer of European Made Sextants, Star Finders, Artificial Horizon, Navigation and Nautical Equipment.


15- Supplying and Installing Propellers Net, Weed, Rope Cutters to reduce your diving, extra docking, extra costs. Spurs Marine Cutters are made in USA, High Quality and Best Value for your Money.


16- Direct Sellers and fabricators of SPS Overlay Systems. Below the waterline repairs, no cofferdam or live team dive required, Seachest / Sea-Chest repairs using SPS Overlay,


17- Direct Seller of Propeller net / weed / rope cutters.


18- Direct dealer of Bitumen, Paraffin Wax, Liquid Paraffin, and many other Oil, Chemical and Petrochemical, Mineral , Industrial, Products, like; desiccant directly from factory.


19- Direct dealer / distributor of European Made Sewage Treatment Plants Equipment for Treatment of Liquid Waste obtained from industrial food processing, with Highest Quality and also Airlift Systems Sewage Treatment of Sewage Waters / Black / Grey Waters.


20- Direct and main dealer / distributor of Security Seals, Containers Seals, Cargo Holds Seals, Tanks Seals, Adjust Seals, Marine and Non Marine Seals.


21- Direct dealer of European Made Equipment for;   Cooling & Freezing,  CHP Plants- Generators, Extraction of Vegetable Oil, Fish Farming Installations, Light Buildings, Processing and Packing, Rendering Equipment, Silo Installation- Feedstuff Plants, Slaughtering, Special Purpose, Plants, Treatment of Liquid Waste, Packing and Packaging of Fish / Shellfish and Convenience Products, Processing and Packing of Meat and Poultry, Slaughtering and Processing Equipment for Poultry, Slaughtering Equipment for Sheep, Compact Spiral freezer, and arrangements for Planning of Production Plants / Production / Implementation.


22- Direct dealer of Dry Docks Equipment Like: Synchrolift, Floating Dry Dock, Plus all related parts, Planning , Advising, Contracting, Supplying of Information, Consultancy, etc.


23- Dealer and seller of Dredge / Dredging Equipment and Technology as like as: Cutter Suction Dredger, Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, Dredge Ball Joint, Dredge Pump, Dredge Gate Valve , Dredge Cutter Head, Dredge Bow Coupling, Dredge Swivel Bend, Dredge Turning Gland, Dredge Pipe Pieces, Dredge Suction Mouth , Dredge Bucket and other relevant parts and equipment to dredge industry.


24- Dealer and Seller of Other items Like; Additive, Agricultural, Animal Food, Fertilizer, Automobile / Cars Spare Parts, Navigation Equipment, Diving and Salvage Equipment, Marine Engines , Auxiliary Engines , Generators , Separators , Shaft , Propeller , Turbo Generators , Turbo Chargers , Zinc Anodes , Gear Boxes , Motors, Paints, Thinners, Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Hoses, Connections, O-rings, Filters, Filtration Systems, Purifiers, Water Desalination, Marine Radio Equipment, Marine Parachutes / Hand Flares / Smoke Signals, Safety / Nautical / Fire Fighting Systems, Scrap Material, Seal , Washer, Gasket, Bolt, Nut, Bush, Bearing, Tools, Equipment, Hardware, Instrument, Water-Jet Cutters, Fueling Systems, etc.


25- Deal in firm sell and purchase and brokerages from firm and reliable sources.


26- We are active worldwide, globally and internationally. Our Main Office is Located in a Prime Location in Dubai - United Arab Emirates near to Jebel Ali Port / JAFZA  , Have Worldwide Agencies and Surveyors  in all Main Ports and Cities, Asia / Europe / Australia / New Zealand / Oceania / South and Central America / USA / Canada / Africa / Middle East / CIS / African Zones / Arabic Zones , With great access to UAE (United Arab Emirates) , Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , GCC, Middle East , Iran / Persia , Africa, Europe, America, Oceania , Asia and other world's Countries .We are able to operate in Dubai , Jebel Ali , Abu Dhabi , Sharjah , Khor Fakkan , Ajman , Ras Al Khaimah , Umm Al Quwain / Qaywain , Fujairah / Fujeirah , Al Ain in UAE , Tehran , Isfahan / Esfahan / Sepahan / Espadana , Tabriz, Shiraz, Sistan and Baluchistan, Ilam, Khorasan, Mashhad, Daregaz / Dargaz, Sarakhs, Bazargan, Khoozestan / Khuzestan , Lotfabad, Chahbahar , Bandar Abbas , Bandar Bushehr, Assaluyeh Port , Bandar Imamam (BIK) , Khorramashahr, Abadan, Bandar e Kong, Natanz, Bandar Deylam, Bandar Dayyer ,  Azerbaijan, Hamedan, Gilan,  Ardabil , Zanjan , Qazvin, Mazandaran, Alborz, Semnan, Markazi, Luristan / Lorestan , Khorramabad , Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari /  Shahrekord / Shahr e Kurd , Fars , Hormozgan / Hormuzgan / Hurmozgan , Golestan, Ahvaz, Bandar Lengeh, Qeshm / Gheshm Island , Kish Island , Kharg Island , Sirri Island , Lavan Island , Abu Mousa , Bandar e Anzali      ( Enzeli ) , Rasht, Neka , Noshahr , Amir Abad Port , Yazd, Kerman, Rasht, Kurdistan, Kurdestan, Qom, Karaj, Kermanshah, Sabzevar, Zabol, Saravan, Zahedan, Chahbahar / Chabahar, Ramsar, Chaloos, Noshahr, Babol, Sari, Behshahr, Neftchala, Astara, Gorgan, Caspian Sea , Baku, Istanbul, Izmir, Makhachkala, Astrakhan, Turkmenbashi, Persian Gulf, Oman Sea, Red Sea, Afghanistan / Kabul / Kandehar / Mazar e Sharif  / Ghorian , Pakistan / Karachi / Islamabad / Gwader  , India / Bombay / Mumbai/ Goa / Chennai / Gujarat / Visakhapatnam  , Armenia, Saudi Arabia / Riadh / Dammam / Yanbu / Al Jubail , Kuwait , Bahrain / Manama , Oman / Muscat / Salalah / Suhar  , Qatar / Doha , Syria , Lebanon , Iraq , Jordan , Turkey , Yemen / Aden / Hodeidah / Hodeida / Gulf of Aden  , South Korea, Japan, China , Panama , Greece , France , Italy, Germany , Denmark, Spain , Norway , Luxembourg, The Netherlands , Belgium , Russia, Ukraine , Bulgaria , Romania, UK / United Kingdom , Ireland, Scotland, St. Vincent & The Grenadines , Belize , South Africa , Tunisia, Singapore , Malaysia , Egypt , Sudan , Ghana , Croatia, Lithuania , USA, Canada, Morocco , Chile, Argentina , Brazil , Cyprus, Honduras , Bolivia , Chile, Vietnam, Kenya, Kazakhstan ,Tajikistan , Turkmenistan , Kyrgyzstan , Uzbekistan , Armenia, Mauritius , Thailand , Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh / Chittagong , Indonesia , Myanmar, Senegal , Libya , Philippines , Malta, Barbados, , Brazil, Ecuador, Slovenia, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde, Swiss, Switzerland, Chile, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Costa Rica Czech Republic, Djibouti, Dominica, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, France, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kiribati, Laos, Latvia, Liberia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Mali, Marshal Islands, Mauritania, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Mongolia, Mozambique, Namibia / Walvis Bay , New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Rwanda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Samoa, San Marino, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Surinam, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tonga, Tunisia, Tuvalu, Uganda, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cameron / Cameroun ,Croatia, Lithuania, Lebanon,  Niue, and some other Ports / Towns Worldwide. We Think and Work Globally.

Worldwide Surveys Services, Coordination

TMN Survey Group (Worldwide Surveys) - Member

British Steamship P&I Association (Bermuda) Ltd - Correspondent

Hanseatic Underwriters - Correspondent

The Anglo & Eastern Ship Owners P&I Club - Correspondent

Türk P ve I Sigorta A.Ş / Turk P&I - Correspondent & Surveyor

Group 3A P&I Club Correspondents - Gulf Cooperation Council Areas

The American Club / Eagle Ocean Marine - Case by Case Surveyor

CHUBB (ACE) Insurance Group - Claims Agent

Verein Hanseatischer Transportversicherer e.V. (VHT e.V. Hamburg and Bremen - Germany)- Average Agent

Save Insurance Brokers (Hamburg – Germany) - Network Surveyor

Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMARAD)

Palau International Ship Registry (PISR), Deputy Registrar (DR)

Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Kiribati, Moldova, Tuvalu Island,

Comoros, St. Vincent, Belize, Togo, Bolivia, Cooks Island,

Dominica, Lebanon, Syria, Mongolia, Nigeria, Honduras,

Madagascar, Jordan, Libya, Georgia, Malta, Equatorial Guinea,

Cape Verde, Ecuador, Tanzania, Bulgaria, Sudan, Barbados,

Panama, Vanuatu, Niue, Etc Flag Registry and Classification Directly or via Our Partners.

Dealer of Pumps, Valves, Additives, Nautical Instruments, Shipbuilding

Equipment, Sewage Treatment Systems, Processing / Packaging / Freezing /

Slaughtering / Planning and Related Equipment of Food Industries.


Overall Information
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Verein Hanseatischer Transportversichere
Novus Marine Insurance Brokers - Zakian Surveying Surveyors
Bulgarian Register of Shipping (BRS / BKR) - Zakian Surveying Representative (Approved Agent)
The Anglo & Eastern Ship Owners P&I Club
Hanseatic Underwriters
British Steamship P&I Association (Bermuda) Ltd (BSM) - Zakian Surveying Correspondents
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Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) - Zakian Registration and FSI - Bremen - Germany
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