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Company's Management

Mr. Masoud Zakian, A Senior Official Expert /  Surveyor / Ship Classification Inspector /  Flag State Inspector / Maritime Flags Deputy Registrar / Loss Adjuster / Auditor, Sworn Expert: Marine Transport and Diving, Fellowship of Claims and Litigation Management (The CLM) Alliance - USA, Marine Engineering Educated and experienced surveyor, Loss Adjuster, Inspector, Claims Handler, Adjuster, Advisor, Superintendent, Auditor, Class Hull and Machinery Surveyor, Statutory Surveyor, ISM / ISPS / ISO / SMC / DOC Surveyor and Lead Auditor, Senior Marine Surveyor, Flag States / Administrations Inspector to Some Flag States, Approved Flag Deputy Registrar and Flag Safety Inspector to Some of Maritime Flag Administrations, Approved Class, Statutory, Etc Certificates surveyor and Auditor / Lead Auditor up to any tonnage, type and grade for all types of vessels, crafts, yachts, boats, ships of any hull material and construction. He started his courier on 1985 and have several years experiences in many Marine and Non Marine Matters specially in related matters of surveys, inspections, insurance, P&I, claims, incidents, damages, fires, catastrophes, advisory, legal surveys and investigations, correspondent, superintendency, dry docking, engineering, shipbuilding, planning, audits, certification, quality, quantity, standardization, certification, classification, flag registry, flag inspections, cargo surveys, offshore surveys, warranty surveys, machinery inspections, factories inspections, evaluation, assessment, pre-purchase / pre-policy / banks / mortgage inspections, condition surveys, trading inspections, wetting, draft and ullage surveys, bunker surveys, oil products inspections, off-on hire surveys, properties inspection, inventory inspection and auditing,  reporting of claims and conflicts between parties, investigations , all types of vessels / offshore vessels / barges / tugs /supply vessels / jack ups barges / rigs / oil fields / tankers / cargo vessels / product and gas carriers / crude carriers / VLCC / ULCC / Panamax , reefer vessels / heavy lift carriers, machinery, equipment, etc. He has worked in  international inspection and certification bodies and also in shipping companies with other related experiences in fleet departments, operations, technical, transit, crew management, supplies, chartering, etc. Said experiences in different marine and non marine sides made a very good ground of knowledge for him to handle many cases carefully and control company and staff very efficiently. The company's manager have many certifications, educations, authorizations as per his long term of activity in related services. He has passes all related courses , ISO, ISM, ISPS, ILO MLC 2006, Energy Efficiency, P&I, etc. He is recognized by many international marine and non marine bodies and several partners do cooperate with company as per trust on his reputation, solidarity, clear work, high quality control and follow ups. His worldwide connections, having surveyors everywhere in the world, efficient, fast and high quality approaches increased company's reputation very fast. Upon his great targets and approaches we as ZSLA can assist you anywhere in the world for most types of surveys, inspections, flag registry, classification, standardization, loss adjusting, etc as stated or not efficiently. Our main office and headquarter is located in Dubai - UAE, one of the main international business hubs with great worldwide accesses.

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