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Products, Supplies, Services

Our Range of Products, Supplies and Materials are very vary and including the followings , but not limited to:


- Insurance, Hull & Machinery / Cargo Policies and P&I cover arrangements worldwide. We are broker for Marine Pollution Insurance Policies.


- Agent and contractor of some Insurers, P and I Clubs, Loss Adjusters, Classification Societies, Maritime Flag States, Factories, etc worldwide .


- We are Legal P&I Correspondent and Surveyors of: British Steamship Protection & Indemnity Association (Bermuda) Limited / BSM, Hanseatic Underwriters, Türk P ve I Sigorta A.Ş / Turk P&I, while cooperate with other P&I Clubs on case by case basis.

We are Claims Agent of CHUBB / ACE Insurance Group.

We are Network Surveyor of Save Insurance Brokers Hamburg – Germany. 


- Direct and main dealer /distributor of Fuel, Lube oil, Gear oil, Hydraulic oil, etc Normal and Nano Additives for heavy duty engines, generators, power plants, turbines, etc.


- Direct and exclusive dealer of European Made Sextants, Star Finders, Artificial Horizon, Navigation and Nautical Equipment.


- Supplying and Installing Propellers Net, Weed, Rope Cutters to reduce your diving, extra docking, extra costs. Spurs Marine Cutters are made in USA, High Quality and Best Value for your Money.


- Dealer of Sandwich Plate Systems Overlay (SPS Overlay) for Vessels, Factories, Building, Etc. Light and Strong.


- Direct dealer of Bitumen, Paraffin Wax, Liquid Paraffin, and many other Oil, Chemical and Petrochemical Products, like; desiccant directly from factory.


- Direct dealer / distributor of European Made Sewage Treatment Plants Equipment for Treatment of Liquid Waste obtained from industrial food processing, with Highest Quality and also Airlift Systems Sewage Treatment of Sewage Waters / Black / Grey Waters.


- Direct and main dealer / distributor of Security Seals, Containers Seals, Cargo Holds Seals, Tanks Seals, Adjust Seals, Marine and Non Marine Seals.


- Direct dealer of European Made Equipment for;   Cooling & Freezing,  CHP Plants- Generators, Extraction of Vegetable Oil, Fish Farming Installations, Light Buildings, Processing and Packing, Rendering Equipment, Silo Installation- Feedstuff Plants, Slaughtering, Special Purpose, Plants, Treatment of Liquid Waste, Packing and Packaging of Fish / Shellfish and Convenience Products, Processing and Packing of Meat and Poultry, Slaughtering and Processing Equipment for Poultry, Slaughtering Equipment for Sheep, Compact Spiral freezer, and arrangements for Planning of Production Plants / Production / Implementation.


- Direct dealer of Dry Docks Equipment Like: Synchrolift, Floating Dry Dock, Taxi Park, Plus all related parts, Planning , Advising, Contracting, Supplying of Information, Consultancy, Dry Docking Arrangements and Establishments, etc.


-Dealer and seller of Dredge / Dredging Equipment and Technology as like as: Cutter Suction Dredger, Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, Dredge Ball Joint, Dredge Pump, Dredge Gate Valve , Dredge Cutter Head, Dredge Bow Coupling, Dredge Swivel Bend, Dredge Turning Gland,, Dredge Pipe Pieces, Dredge Suction Mouth , Dredge Bucket and other relevant parts and equipment to dredge industry.


- Vessels, Machinery, Equipment, Engines, Navigation Equipment, Safety Equipment, Spare Parts, Etc. We deal with recognized international brands. One of our main services is Cargo supplies, Oils and Products, Minerals, Petrochemicals, Bitumen, Liquid paraffin, Paraffin wax and many other goods directly from producers or with recognized Mandates, Sellers  Worldwide. Representative of Spurs Marine Rope, Weed and Net Cutters. Exclusive Agent of  FPM Holding GMBH Germany for Nautical Instruments, Drum Sextant, Yacht Sextant, Star Finder, Artificial Horizon, Related Spare Parts.


- Pump Industry Representative. Pumps, Valves, Nano Additives, Machinery producers, as direct dealer.


- Middle East representative of the greatest and best manufacturers of Screw pumps, Gear Pumps, Hydraulic Deep Well Cargo Pumps, up to highest international qualities and with best competitive prices. These pumps can be used in various matters, Oil / Chemical tanks and Tankers, Vessels, Steel companies, Gas and Liquid transfer and storage, Sewage and high density liquids, Petroleum products, etc. They are made of highest Technologies and have been sold to many overseas shipbuilders, ship owners, ship designers, industrial plants, etc. And recognized as Good Quality for Money. We are representative of Zuwa-Zumpe GMBH (Pumps) too.


- We are Sale Representative of Oil Product, Additive and Petrochemical Companies for direct sell and distribution of Lube Oil, Fuel and Hydraulic Oil Additives. To be used for all types of Heavy marine and non marine engines to increase their power, efficiency and output and decrease consumption, repairs and maintenance costs. Our special additives are very good economical tool for all Ship owners, Power generation unites and other industries involved with engines and power generation and oil products consumption. 

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